Faye's Mystical Musings

Join me as I journey into the inner realm of my imagination

I am, and have been, an aspiring writer for many years. I find that every time I begin the pursuit of creative writing, something blocks me; either my own self-doubt, or time- which, let’s be real, is only an excuse that I use to mask my self-doubt, or any other number of excuses that one can use to continue to mask the self-doubt.

Ihave chosen to pursue this a little more in-depth than I have in the past and will endeavour to explore the creativity, the imagination, and the journey that comes with creative writing. Join me, will you please, on this journey into the realm of my inner imagination. Who knows what we will find!

The book 642 Things to Write about is a book of writing prompts, and for the purpose of exploring my creativity, I have chosen to begin by choosing – at random – a prompt to pursue. My hope is that each prompt will be a piece of fiction, and will help stimulate the creative energy we all possess.

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5 thoughts on “Faye's Mystical Musings

  1. Hi Faye. Thanks for this prompt. I have a similar book and was considering doing the same, but with each one I only aspire to write a blog post! Lol. Good luck with your prompts – I’d love to see what you come up with πŸ™‚

    1. I have both 642 and 712 Things to Write About. My partner once went through the entire book of 642 and wrote a blog post a day. Personally, I would rather have the freedom to miss a day here and there! I would love to read your posts!

      I hope that you enjoyed the prompt for JuJoJan!

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